All Metal Little Red Christmas Cottage Car with Skis and Gifts
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Road trip takin', memories makin', 
Fresh snow fallin’ presents a haulin',
Snowbrush brushin', holiday rushin', 
Christmas time feelin', orange peel peelin', 
“Vintage Little Red Christmas Car”

*ONLY 50 Available*

This One-Of-A-Kind Wall Hanger was Inspired by our Little Red Christmas Vintage Farm Trucks. All trucks are hand-made and hand-painted with care. They are very complicated to make and for that reason, we only have 100 available for this season.

Product Details:

  • Inspired by the Little Red Christmas Truck.
  • Hand Made and Painted Metal Truck
  • BIG: 6.2 Inches Long X 3.9 Inches Tall
  • Sales are Final: Warranty Replacement on Damage
  • Designed in Canada
  • Imported
  • Delivery: Please allow 8-10 days for delivery.