All Metal Little Red Christmas Cottage Car with Tree

Road trip takin', memories makin', 
Fresh snow fallin’ Evergreen haulin',
Snowbrush brushin', holiday rushin',
Christmas time feelin', orange peel peelin',
“Vintage Little Red Christmas Car”

*ONLY 100 Available*

This One-Of-A-Kind Wall Hanger was Inspired by our Little Red Christmas Vintage Farm Trucks. All trucks are hand-made and hand-painted with care. They are very complicated to make and for that reason, we only have 100 available for this season.

Product Details:

  • Inspired by the Little Red Christmas Truck.
  • Hand Made and Painted Metal Truck
  • BIG: 6.2 Inches Long X 3.9 Inches Tall
  • Sales are Final: Warranty Replacement on Damage
  • Designed in Canada
  • Imported
  • Delivery: Please allow 30-35 days for delivery.