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Hey friends! 🤗
Many times life can get hard and scary, it can be difficult to look at our situations through the eyes of faith. Faith over fear is our hope! 🙏When I pick up Charlie and hold him above my head, he has no fear, only faith that I'll take care of him. Faith like a child is to abandon our fear and keep our eyes on God. It's total trust that He will do what He needs to do and take care of us.

Proverbs 3:5 "Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding."

The Farmhouse life means to slow down, smell the flowers, thank God for life and family, and enjoy the fruits of our labor. Today is a day of rest, a day to regroup and reflect on our blessings. I am thankful for you all, and we are praying for so many of that have messaged us asking for prayer.

Business is really an extension of our family and faith, and I'm so happy that you all love our bags so much and our part of our extended farmhouse family! ❤️

No pressure to order, but if you are able to, we still very much need all the help we can get to reduce our inventory. I have faith we will get there!

I am going to include 3 collections below with clearance coupons. If your order has 5 bags or more bags, I will add a gift of 1 reusable bag! 🥰👜

Original Classic Bags:
Click Here for These!

Crossbody Bags
Click Here for These!

Farmhouse Fever Totes
Click Here for These!

Bless you all!
Danae & Family

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