During the months of May and June, due to the Pandemic, all the shipping services we normally use (which are via air) were suddenly cancelled due to different borders all over the world being closed and limiting air travel, we had to look for an alternate shipping service, in which we found one through DHL eCommerce, where as they promised us all our packages would be delivered within 30-35 days and so this being the ONLY option we had at the time, we accepted it, this was the first time using this service but we relayed all the delivery time information to our customers, but then we started being hit with Massive delays, which extended until last month, which affected all orders placed in May and early June, and despite relentlessly trying to get the original packages delivered, DHL eCommerce failed to their promise of delivery with us multiple times.

It has been a complete disaster, we've had so many stressful and sleepless nights because of this, as we’ve been working our hardest to get all packages delivered through a different shipping method we recently acquired in July. The new shipping method is much faster and much more reliable. We ship from our new facility in Chicago via USPS and the average delivery time now is 7-14 days. 

The COVID19 delays through DHL eCommerce completely blindsided us, so as of the last 6 weeks, it has been our priority to re-send every single one of these affected orders. All of the money that is being paid to resend your orders has come out of our own  pockets, as DHL eCommerce and the shipping agency they were working with have not acknowledging their lack of communication/preparation to face the situation and failed promises and we have yet to receive ANY compensation from them. We are now taking legal action to recover much of the damages they have caused our small family business through this pandemic. With over 30,000 orders that DHL eCommerce has failed to deliver, the cost of damages is somewhere around $400,000 USD. This is a cost that we would never be able to recover from had it not been for our amazing manufacturing partners. They have aided in shouldering the burden that the shipping companies have placed on us through this pandemic. Rest assured we are working very hard to rebuild and get orders into our customers hands as quickly as possible. As you can well imagine, getting 30,000 orders reshipped can take some time and organization, that we are working on every day. Roughly 80% of the delayed orders have already been reshipped and we are continuing to reship orders as our customers inform us of any orders that have not yet been delivered.

Thank you so much for your patience, we cannot tell you how much that means to us during this very difficult time. We could not survive without your understanding and kindness.

One way to help us get through this it to purchase some more bags :) The New Orders will be shipped from our NEW facility in Chicago, and like I said above, they are arriving quickly! We are all in this together and we will never abandon our customers. If you are still missing your order from May or June, please email us at:

* All Bags are designed by our family and manufactured by our our long time partner facility. The bags are all pre-made, packaged and ready to ship when you place your order. Apart from the issues that DHL eCommerce has given us with May and June orders, our orders typically deliver now within 7-14 days of your order being placed. Please check your Shipping Confirmation for your Tracking Number.


Order Value


Carrier // Timing

up to $98.99


USPS  // 7-14 days from Ship Date

$99 and over


USPS // 10-14 days from Ship Date*


Orders to the USA and Canada are shipped from Chicago and take 7-14 days, other worldwide orders are shipped from our overseas facility and take 14-25 days (aside from any unusual situations, such as, border delays, and issues like our current pandemic).